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Progressive training plans, a private facility, a growing community....what more do you want?

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Long Game Training was born as a result of the owner Hannah working in a collection of other gyms and finding that she was changing the way she worked to suit other business models. Something just wasn't QUITE right.

Our approach at Long Game Training is to do just that - play the long game. Provide you with a space where you can train, learn, find your WHY and enjoy the process rather than focus on a quick fix outcome. Not just that, but create a community of people who can spur each other on, become training partners and even friends outside of the four walls of the facility. 

Kitted out with functional equipment, in a beautiful rural location with that exclusivity factor Long Game Training is calling out to be your second home. The place you want to be spending your free time to work on YOU.

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The way we work at Long Game Training is that this is about YOU, not US. You're paying for a programme that has been well thought out, tried and tested and well delivered. You get access to this programming depending on what plan you choose.
All programmes are delivered via WodUp - a unique workout tracking app that delivers your workout, tracks your progress and has an inbuilt leaderboard to see how you and other members are getting on.
All the programmes are 5 sessions a week with the option to cut down to 3-4 sessions for those that are time limited. 
If you join a monthly plan you have constant access to the programme so you can continue to follow it from a work gym, hotel gym on holiday or even your home gym if you have one and yet still feel a part of the community.
For those wanting to follow their own programming, you can still join the gym at a reduced rate but feel free to upgrade at any time.

CrossFit Exercises


For health and longevity

This a progressive strength and conditioning programme that will suit all and everyone. 
Workouts are adaptable to suit the beginner and the advanced gym goer. 
This is a 5 session a week programme that can be broken down to 3 days for those that are pushed for time.

CrossFit Class


For the inner athlete

Very similar to the LIFESTLYE programme, however we ramp things up a notch with the PERFORMANCE programme. Suited to the seasoned gym goer or athlete who wants to work on performance and has some experience with Olympic Lifting (Clean and Jerk, Snatch.)
Higher levels of mobility and skill required to follow this programme. We suggest following the LIFESTYLE programme until you're ready to progress.
This is a progressive 5 sessions a week programme that can be adapted to 3-4 sessions for those that are pushed for time.

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Mon - Fri: 7:30am-7pm

Sat: 8am-1.30pm

Sun: Closed

Staffed Hours:

Mon-Fri 9am-2:45pm

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